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Utilities to make your work easier

Share the entry work with your staff
using their home computers. (US$ 199)
LOC Pick 
This "instant ISBN cataloging"
feature [qLOC] is built-in and no longer
available as a separate app.
Need a deleted item back?
It's no problem with ReInstate.   (US$ 59)
Make a "graceful" recovery using
your Backup files. 
(Included with new installs and updates)

Installed on any number of off-site computers, your staff or volunteers can each enter book and media information at home or the office. Easily "Merge" their data onto the library computer. With several folks sharing the work, your collection will be up-to-date in no time. "HomeWork" even includes the ability to import MARC records using the qLOC feature. Use 'Authorities' to assure consistent entry.
HomeWork US$ 199
[ qLOC requires current Support]

LOC Pick
Provide one or a long list of ISBNs to "LOC Pick." It will dutifully search the Library of Congress (LOC) web catalog and insert the catalog data directly into PC Card Catalog. This can be automatic, or you can view and edit each item before accepting (or rejecting) it into the collection. Add hundreds of items to your collection in minutes! LOC Pick works with both PC Card Catalog and with HomeWork. Direct web access is required. [The qLOC feature currently replaces the need for LOC Pick.]
US$ not available
NOTE: Changes to the Library of Congress web catalog may require LOC Pick revisions. A modest cost for these updates may be imposed.

View any items that have been deleted from your collection. "ReInstate" lists then in Title, Accession Number or Delete Date order. Select any listed item to be "ReInstated" back into the collection. Long-lost items that have "returned home" will not require re-cataloging. Know when an item was deleted. You will find all kinds of uses for "ReInstate." [Items deleted prior to the installation of PC Card Catalog v3.11 are not maintained. ReInstate is included with CONCEPT I, first seat.]

Recover your data from PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I Backup files. "Recover" creates completely new files then rebuilds your entire collection even re-linking Series and Series Titles. "Recover" is so much easier than the previous manual process. When you have to recover from a disaster, "Recover" is the way to do it! "Recover" is also a great way to move your program from one computer to another. ("Recover" is now included in new purchases and Upgrades at no additional cost. )

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